Megastar-ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi delivered a mega disaster with Acharya. A disaster of this scale wasn’t expected from Chiru, Koratala Siva, and Ram Charan.

Chiru remained silent for many days after Acharya debacle. But he did open up about Acharya, albeit indirectly, at Laal Singh Chaddha event last night.

“I try to make films that entertain my audience. There are times when things go South without my role in it. It is time for directors to change as well. They give the dialogues on sets to prepare in the last minute. They should come with bound script much prior, so that the actors can focus on acting” he said.

Chiru is evidently trying to play the blame game and this isn’t what one would expect from a veteran like him. Chiru had been around for over 3 decades now and he should know when things go South. If he really is doubtful about any film, he could have halted the proceedings right away and called for changes in the script.

A senior star like Chiru, with loads of experience, saying the directors should change and start preparing final drafts isn’t appeasing to hear. Chiru is in a position to halt shootings if he isn’t satisfied with the way things are shaping up. He should use his experience and stature to good effect and get things done in the best way possible.

Instead, taking projects onto the floors and then complaining about the method of operations, and blaming the directors is not what one would expect from Chiru. It is absurd to see a star of Chiru’s stature speak like this.