Chiranjeevi-Bholaa-ShankarSpeaking at the success meet event of GodFather, Chiranjeevi said he sees remakes as a challenge. “Bettering the original in comparison with the remake is a challenge and I like to take it up. All my remakes have done very well” he said.

But Chiru’s fans are not entirely in acceptance of the same and they are making their voices heard on social media.

“The worst part about remakes is everything knows what’s on offer. So, there’s zero excitement about their release. See in the case of GodFather, even with a good talk and word of mouth, the film is going nowhere at the box office. If this is the case with a good-talk GodFather, imagine the case with Bholaa Shankar” a Chiru fan commented.

“GodFather is at least a remake of a hit film, Lucifer and it was handled well by Mohan Raja. Bholaa Shankar is a remake of Vedhalam, a Tamil film which didn’t do very well in its own language. Now Chiru is remaking it with Meher Ramesh at the helm. God help this film. There is zero excitement on this film” another ardent mega fan commented.

Well, Bholaa Shankar has already started to send shivers down the spines of Chiru’s fans. Can Meher Ramesh spurn a surprise and prove them wrong? Only time will tell.