Chiranjeevi-Fans-Don't-Want-Konidela-ProductionsThe majority of Chiranjeevi’s fans are not pleased with his remake heavy line up. As if this wasn’t frustrating already, fans are now reeling with the lack of promotions from the makers of Chiru’s upcoming film, Godfather.

“I pray to god that we should be done with Godfather at the earliest. This film has the worst promotional campaign. That has been the case with Konidela Productions right from the start. They have the worst promotional plans,” an ardent fan of Chiranjeevi commented.

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There’s exactly a month to go for the release of Godfather – 5th October but the promotions are yet to commence. There was this teaser that was released a few weeks ago and that’s about it. This is leaving fans infuriated.

“We are happy that Godfather is Chiru’s last film with Konidela Productions who don’t have a clue about promotions. Same was the case with Sye Raa as well. They still haven’t learned a lesson.” Another fan of Chiru commented.

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Mega fans are now requesting Chiru through social media to not sign any more films with Konidela Productions.

Godfather is up for release on 5th October. The film is a remake of Lucifer and it has Salman Khan in other supporting role.

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