Chiranjeevi Escaped Balakrishna Luckily!Megastar’s Acharya was released today to ghastly reviews. People were shocked to see such a lame and outdated film from Koratala Siva. Right from its storyline, screenplay, dialogues to execution and performances… it was a mishap in all respects.

A few months back, there were reports that Acharya and Akhanda were to be released on the same day. Megastar fans were boasting that if such a clash happened, Acharya’s first-day collection would be greater than Akhanda’s lifetime collection.

But look how the tables have turned now. Now Balayya fans are disappointed that this clash didn’t happen. If it had happened, then it would have been a repeat of the Narasimha Naidu vs. Mrugaraju clash in 2001. They feel that just like Narasimha Naidu had thrashed Mrugaraju then, Akhanda would have destroyed Acharya now. Chiranjeevi escaped luckily!

Many on social media are also saying that Acharya is a poor copy of Akhanda. Both the films deal with the mining mafia. The only difference is that in Akhanda, Balayya fought the mafia as an Aghori, and in Acharya, Chiru does the same as a Naxalite. Some were also saying that the Megastar’s film should have been titled ‘Comrade Akhanda Acharya.’

The audience connected immensely to Akhanda’s character, whereas the Naxalite character in Acharya bored the audience.