Chiru Embarrasses Mega Fans, Helps All OthersIt takes a lot of heart, strength, and confidence to own failures and mistakes. Accepting a mistake or a wrong judgment doesn’t make anyone smaller. But Megastar, despite being in the industry, still doesn’t seem to have the guts to accept a failure.

During a recent interview with a famous Bollywood critic, Chiranjeevi, speaking about Acharya’s debacle, said that he and Charan did whatever the director Koratala Siva said and that’s why the failure didn’t affect him at all. In a way, he pushed the blame completely on Koratala and distanced himself from its flop status as if it had nothing to do with him.

This video clip of Chiru is being shared by other hero fans by adding the statements of other heroes who bravely owned their failures in the past. For example, there is a clip of Nagarjuna in which he said that when a film flops, it’s because his judgment of the film has gone wrong. Film-making is a collective process, and no single person can be blamed for the failure.

In a way, Chiranjeevi himself helped his anti-fans by giving such a troll-worthy statement. He is a Megastar who has seen many ups and downs in his life. It would have been so gracious of him to accept Acharya’s failure and accept his mistake instead of putting all the blame on Koratala.

This interview has become a source of embarrassment for Mega fans and they are cursing Chiranjeevi, though not openly, for putting out such a statement and helping his haters troll him further.