Chiru Dumps the Flop Sentiment for Her

ChiranjeeviIt is a known fact that the film industry runs on sentiments, be it the alphabets in their names or the film titles, even the flop heroines or the directors. Well, they consider a lot of sentimental factors before having a film onboard, especially, the star heroes. But looks like the Megastar dumped the most considered flop sentiment for the heroine on his next.

We all know that Chiranjeevi has already signed up for his next under the direction of Koratala Siva while Ram Charan is producing his father’s film again after Sye Raa. Now according to the latest updates, the senior heroine Trisha has been finalized to pair up with Chiru again after delivering a flop a decade ago with Stalin.

Like we said, heroes do not go for a heroine whose combo delivered flop already but here we see that the makers and the hero left that sentiment and moved ahead with the most fitting and available option. This is because it is really difficult to get a heroine for a hero of Chiru’s age group and if they rope in an aged actress, that won’t work too!

No young or happening actress would agree to romance senior heroes these days. Trisha who seems to be in a low phase here with not much craze is the most possible option for them now which Chiru took up and that is a good sign to see our heroes finally moving out of the myth shell to grab the moment.

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