Chiranjeevi - BalakrishnaWe have seen Balakrishna expressing his disappointment about being ignored for industry-related meetings previously. He made stringent comments behind the meetings of industry biggies with Telangana government. Many thought these comments were targeted Megastar Chiranjeevi himself who is trying to be the industry’s Pedda Dhikku after Dasari Narayana Rao passed away.

Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi and other industry biggies have got a call from Andhra Pradesh CMO. They were asked to come and meet the Chief Minister and explain to him their problems so that a solution can be found to the ongoing ticket rates controversy.

Chiranjeevi has called for a preparatory meeting prior to their Amaravati tour and discussed the issues that should be brought to the Chief Minister’s notice. Along with the biggies, Acharya director Koratala Siva and Chiranjeevi’s close directors – Meher Ramesh and VV Vinayak were also invited.

It is interesting to note that Balakrishna is once again missing from this meeting. We do not know if Balayya is invited but the latter has chosen not to attend but social media is abuzz with the rumors that Chiranjeevi did not care for Balakrishna’s comments and did not bother to call him.