Chiranjeevi Ravi Teja Small heroWaltair Veerayya Grand Success meet happened at Warangal last night. The movie success was a huge relief for the Megastar and his fandom as it came when there are doubts all over his stardom after the failures of Acharya and GodFather.

But then, that relief has transformed into some thing. People around Chiranjeevi have started feeding him non-stop ‘Bhajana’ and the Megastar unknowingly slipped into that ‘self-obsessed’ mode.

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In his speech, Chiranjeevi said, “Bobby was surprised when I self-improvized the wallposter scene by kissing Ravi Teja. He told me, ‘No big hero will elevate a small hero by kissing him'”.

Ravi Teja fans who were so nice to Chiranjeevi just like their hero burst in anger following this comment of a ‘small hero’.

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Chiranjeevi should have been cautious in the public. Ravi Teja may have been grown in the industry right before him but he is a star hero today. We are living in an age where stars are cautious to do multistarers but Ravi Teja agreed for it.

People around Chiranjeevi and fans slowly started taking credit of the film away from Ravi Teja. It is Chiranjeevi everywhere ever since the release with only a namesake mention of Ravi Teja.

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When there are people everywhere who pump air 24*7, it is going to give a high which no weed can never give.

Ravi Teja may have skipped the event anticipating this. Chiranjeevi’s mention of ‘small hero’ is the final nail in the coffin.

It was Ravi Teja’s character that is the heart of Waltair Veerayya which is otherwise a routine and cringe film. Everyone started forgetting it completely.

Ravi Teja may have started from zero when Chiranjeevi is a Megastar but he will definitely have that ‘ego’ of a star now. His achievement of being a big star from nothing is no less in the industry.

He may respect Chiranjeevi or maybe forced to give a coverup statement from here, but the fact remains he will be definitely hurt inside. Fans do not have such obligations and are showing it up.

To make things worse, Ram Charan was referring to Ravi Teja without ‘Garu’. He is seen calling him ‘Ravi/Ravi Teja’. That has hurt fans even more. How close they maybe, on a public dias, Ravi Teja should have been addressed respectfully.

But that was a night of blunders.