Chiranjeevi Daughter Sushmita Talks About RGV's TweetsOf late, RGV has become the topic of discussion all over. His tweets have become quite controversial as the maverick director is not sparing anyone in the Telugu film industry.

He has been mainly targeting the mega family in particular. Power star Pawan Kalyan strongly opened up about RGV recently and now Chiranjeevi’s daughter Sushmita Konidela has opened up as to how and her family deal with RGV’s twitter rants.

Sushmita says that they do not take RGV’s comments seriously at all and take the criticism quite funnily and go through RGV’s tweets when they are actually bored. Sushmita also adds that it becomes a dinner table conversation and everyone has a good time speaking about it as the topic becomes a good ice breaker for the day.

The mega daughter also says that one cannot control a person’s words as everyone has a right to speech and they as a family just cut out from negative stuff and block them on social media and ignore it completely. Knowing RGV the man, one can surely expect a striking counter from him also very soon.