Chiranjeevi Begins Lives Saving MissionChiranjeevi as promised has embarked on his mission by launching the Chiranjeevi Oxygen Banks wherein Oxygen cylinders and concentrators will be supplied to the hospitals. In this connection, Megastar has started a special account on Twitter ‘ChiranjeeviCharitableTrust’ which acts as a medium for netizens and others to reach out for help.

Chiranjeevi in a video has shown us the glimpse of his new mission where he said that people shouldn’t lose life due to lack of oxygen. The first cylinders were supplied to Anantapur and Guntur districts. Megastar also added that the ground work was done at war footing in order to set up Chiranjeevi Oxygen Banks in which Ram Charan also played a vital role by monitoring the operational works.

Chiranjeevi Oxygen Banks will be supervised by Chiranjeevi’s Eye and Blood Banks which earlier helped in mobilising resources for plasma donations. The noble initiative is spread across the Telugu states, Apart from Andhra Pradesh, this morning, Oxygen cylinders were sent to Khammam and Karimnagar districts too.

The Chiranjeevi Oxygen Banks has been linked with all the hospitals and as soon the requirement is given about oxygen cylinders, they would be sent soon. Apart from Oxygen cylinders, Oxygen Concentrators are also established. Technicians have also been setup in order to track the Oxygen cylinders. It is worth mentioning that Chiranjeevi has been doing his bit in the pandemic times as he also spearhead Corona Crisis Charity with an aim to help cine-workers.