Gone are the days there are certain bunch of people who do politics and in those days, few are entitled the top posts and the posts move back and forth between them. But with the growing awareness and education levels in the people, Political knowledge increased in people but Politics have become costly for common man now. And now Politics is again confined to the wealthy and popular. But the theory is not always true and the live example is right in front of us.

Chiranjeevi floated his own political party ‘Praja Rajyam Party’ in the tryst to convert his filmy popularity in to votes and enjoy the coveted Chief Minister post. Chiranjeevi suffered a severe blow and later had to merge his party in Congress. He was taken out of the state and put in the center by Congress crashing Chiranjeevi’s CM hopes. When Kiran Kumar Reddy was waving the red flag against his own high command in the state bifurcation issue, there were news that Chiranjeevi is once again in consideration for the CM post but was once again disappointed. Going by the plight of Congress party, Chiranjeevi may not even have remote chance in future.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s story is slightly different. Apart from deriving the popularity of his later father, he also had the ill-gotten money with him. He created a euphoria every where through his own and other funded media that he is the next incoming guy. He temporarily enjoyed the fruits of his plan with the successes of bi-elections. But finally people realized and made Jagan stand at the cross roads. The disappointment is clear evident in Jagan’s face as his hopes of CM chair are crushed badly. Will he get a second chance? Will he have the patience to sit in the opposition? Will he able to retain his party at least for the next 5 years? Even hardcore Jagan supporters are not confident now.