Chiranjeevi And Rajinikanth Share The Same PainChiranjeevi and Rajinikanth have enjoyed indisputable dominance in their respective industries during their prime. Even at the fag end of their careers, they are still entertaining fans in their own styles.

Chiranjeevi is still a force to reckon in the numbers game while Rajinikanth can always do the magic with a right film. But then, both the heroes share the same pain in their personal lives. We are talking of their daughters.

Rajinikanth‘s daughter, Aishwarya announced divorce from actor Dhanush the other day. His other daughter is also divorced previously. Chiranjeevi has a problem with his younger daughter Sreeja. She got divorced once already and her second marriage is also in trouble.

She hinted at another divorce by dropping her husband’s name from her Instagram account recently. Her husband’s recent movie, Super Machi released as an orphan recently without any support from the family.

Both the Superstars are forced into a worrisome position about their daughters at this age.