chinnadaana-ni-kosam-and-mukundaChinnadana Neekosam starring Nithin and Mukunda making the debut of Varun Tej are two movies which are both targeted at youth and family audiences with the directors specialized in them. As of now both the films are slated to released one by one on consecutive days for Christmas. But is there a twist in the tale?

According to trade, both the films have common distributors for major territory like Nizam. Can they accommodate the theaters for both and be at risk of loosing revenue from any film in case the talk does not match the hype is the question everyone is asking and also one which is staring in their faces. In view of this tricky situation it is being said that one of the two, mostly Chinnadana Neekosam might get postponed.

A new release date is likely to be around New Year or even a bit later in case that is indeed what happens. Mukunda as of now is expected to go to censor on Saturday which means it is on course for a grand release as announced.