Chinmayi sripada samnatha ruth prabhuRight from the beginning of her career, Samantha’s voice got noticed and became very popular as much she got noticed and popular. Well, we know that it’s the voice of singer cum dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripada. There are few people who think, it’s Chinmayi’s voice which actually brought craze to the actress.

However Chinmayi says all that is nonsense and bullshit. She thinks that Samantha is very hard working who learnt Telugu well and gives good performance which makes it easy for her. So, it’s not her voice which gave recognition to Samantha but her expressions and the dialogues she uttered in Telugu during shooting.

In Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam, Chinmayi got recognized for her singing more. But in Telugu, she got more recognized for her dubbing voice though she gave a very beautiful and melodious number ‘Ye devi varamo neevu’ from Mani Ratnam’s ‘Amrutha’ for which she won award in Tamil. She hopes she would get following as a singer in Telugu too after her following in Bollywood.