Chief Minister Siddaramaiah Breaks His Own Rules for Baahubali 2Seems like nobody can escape the ‘Baahubali’ appeal! Recently, the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was out with his family to watch the latest Baahubali 2 at a multiplex. The CM was there with his son and grandchildren at the Orion Mall watching the 1:30 pm show. According to the reports Karnataka Chief minister, Siddaramaiah watched Bahubali 2 show by paying high ticket rate.

However, this is an awkward situation for the Karnataka CM because he had earlier tried to put a cap to ticekt prices at multiplexes that usually have outrageous rates. The ‘Baahubali 2’ show that the CM’s himself caught was priced at Rs 1050 for each ticket.

The price cap that the CM had suggested was Rs 200 at all multiplexes and single screened theatres. This rule has not been implemented yet in Karnataka.