Sushanth---Chi-la-SowActor Rahul Ravindran turned director with Chi La Sow staring Sushanth Ruhani Sharma in the lead roles. The trailer of the film left people with what the makers wanted with a curiosity if Arjun and Anjali will get married or not at the end and we saw the duo in the same attire in most of the trailer that means the overall story runs just around the 24 hours as the director says.

Speaking of the story, Rahul said that the film is about how two people of contrast characters turned for each other in the forced interaction of one day and by the end of the day. Also, the hero Sushanth worked for the film with absolutely no makeup and that is how the director wanted him to be shown through out.

Exciting so far. Let us see how the film turns at the theaters, which is for release on 3rd next month. Will Rahul succeed in showing things interestingly with his 24-hour story? Will know by this weekend.