Chennai Media: Nayanthara PregnantIt is known that Nayanthara got married to her longtime boyfriend Vignesh Shivan recently. The couple is enjoying the new phase of life now. Cut to now, the Chennai media has come up with a wild rumor on Nayanthara.

Earlier today, a few Tamil media outlets reported that Nayanthara is pregnant with her first child. These speculations broke the internet. It was reported that Nayanthara suffered from vomiting and this led to specualtions that she is pregnant.

But as it turned out, there is a funny story behind the vomits and all the hungama created by the Tamil media is rather bleak.

Reportedly, Nayanthara suffered from vomiting not because of pregnancy but after eating a dish that was cooked by her husband Vignesh. She was kept in observation for a while and then discharged.

As soon as Chennai media learned that Nayanthara was suffering from vomits, they were quick to cook up rumors that she’s pregnant. But all it was was a reaction to the food cooked by Vignesh. This puts an end to the Nayanthara pregnancy saga for now.