Viewers have long awaited any and all updates on Chennai Express which stars legendary actor Shahrukh Khan opposite Deepika Padukone. Luckily for them, the trailer for the film is out now and the movie indeed guarantees to be a crazy roller-coaster ride!

The film is based on 40-year-old Rahul, played by none other than Khan, who climbs aboard the Chennai Express. While on the train, he is witness to some South Indian local thugs kicking the TC (Ticket Checker) out of the moving train. It is at this point Deepika enters the scene and bullies Rahul to come to Chennai. But that is not all how it is. it is discovered later that Deepika has an ulterior motive when she tells Rahul that her father is a major Don in the city.

The film appears to be immensely fun with Rohit Shetty’s trademark stamp on it and it is hoped that it will bring back Shah Rukh’s last glory with its success. Click Here for Teaser Launch PHOTOS