Brahmani unseen photo with Balakrishna

Yet another interview and yet another tid-bit revealed by the kids about their illustrious father on the occasion of Father’s Day. The latest is from Brahmini, daughter of Nandamuri Balakrishna. She says that her father has been role model to her all along the life she has lived so far and that she has learned a lot from him regarding various aspects of life. It is because of his values she is successful at running an enterprise, said the proud daughter.

Ask her about movies and she says that both, she and her father Balakrishna, are huge movie buffs. Whenever they get spare time they watch movies, especially old movies starring the Legend NTR. On her favourite movie of her father, she says that she enjoyed Adithya 369 most, more so because of the pleasant memories attached with it as a child. Among the recent films Brahmini made it clear that it is nothing but Legend. It was a pleasure watching dad in such a powerful and dynamic role, said the Nara daughter-in-law about Balakrishna’s performance in the film Legend, released earlier in summer.

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