Nikhil's Wedding Video Nikhil’s wedding was simple with only a selected few in attendance, but for all those out there who adore him, the Tollywood hero uploaded a short wedding video with his wedding ceremony highlights.

He knows, that this video is the only way he can share to receive the blessings of his friends, colleagues and fans. With one of his favourites, ‘Manasa Malli Malli Chusaa’ as the background song, Nikhil’s traditional wedding ceremony video is lovely.

The hashtag #NIKPAL is something the couple call themselves and it’s very cute to see them the lovers turning wife and husband amidst those holy marriage vows and mantras granting the sanctity for their union.

Don’t miss Nikhil’s lovely wedding ceremony video. Nikhil and Pallavi Varma are indeed made for each other. What do you think?