Check Authenticity Before Posting Rubbish - Suma Both Suma and Anasuya Bharadwaj seem to be deeply pained by the rumours that thee had been GDT raids in their respective houses. Suma questions, “Which house? Where?” She reminded that she was always a prompt payer of GST and she really worked hard to reach this place.

She also appealed to the newspapers and channels to check the authenticity of the rumours before publishing such rubbish. Suma asked the media to be human and responsible. She has got a point, right?

Anasuya also posted a tweet that there were no raids at her place by any government bodies. She advised media, as a powerful house should focus on doing good and lead the society to be good and not injure or impair one’s hard-earned personality.

Rumours about raids surface now and then and most of the celebrities maintain silence by not reacting. However, Suma says that she is an honest tax-payer and needs to clarify this as rumours sometimes keep spreading as truth.