G Nageshwara ReddyOnce again Manchu’s and their film are in news again courtesy a controversy. This time it’s the director of Manchu Manoj’s recent release Current Theega, G Nageshwara Reddy who is under spotlight, if the buzz in the industry is to be believed.

And surprise-surprise, the person who has instigated this case is none other than Bellamkonda Suresh. Apparently the producer has paid around 10 Lakhs as advance to the director to make a film for him and the director it seems has neither done the film fulfilling the commitment nor returned the amount, being a gentleman. With Bellamkonda Suresh at helm of things one would surely be expecting a case sooner or later with such history, won’t they?

Bellamkonda Suresh and Manchu’s have had sour relations in the recent past on payment issues which were later settled amicably between both parties. Wonder if this will lead to new misunderstandings between the two warring parties.