Cheap Comments About Samantha On Social MediaSamantha has deleted most of her pictures with Naga Chaitanya from her Instagram account indicating that she wants to start life fresh from now. That is quite natural for anyone who has divorced. But then, there are people who pass cheap comments even on that.

“It looks like Samantha is keen on getting married or be in relationship with someone else. That is the reason for deleting the old pictures. It is not even one month since the divorce. How cheap it is to even think of another relationship?,” they commented. Firstly, it is fair to move over the divorce even though she is not interested in relationship.

Even if Samantha is interested in another relationship, we have no right to judge her because she is divorced and has all rights to search for another companion. Maybe those photos are reminding her of her past which she would not like. The blame basing on imaginary assumptions is really pathetic.

Samantha is currently in a Holiday in Dubai. She has taken her personal staff along with her and may start reporting to work sometime next month. She has recently announced two bilingual projects which will be helped by Tamil directors.