Anchor Jhansi Extra Marital Relationship Ex Husband Jogi NaiduMany of us know that anchor Jhansi got divorced for Jogi Naidu after eight years battle in the court. Reminiscing those days when everyone seems to be advising her on coming to a settlement with her hubby rather than going for divorce. One senior and leading comedian gave a very nasty and cheap advice.

He asked Jhansi to compromise with her ex-husband and live as she likes behind his back. That means he advised her to have extra-marital relationships without the knowledge of her husband. Jhansi wondered, “How cheap!”. She retorted, “Sir! I can’t do like you guys do.”

Jhansi believes in the institution of marriage and hence can’t cheat upon her partner behind his back. As long as she was in that marital relationship, she had to be faithful, come what may. After divorce, she can decide whether or not to enter into any relationship, not one, even multiple relationships if she chooses to have.

Though there had been some gossips on the popular anchor, she laughs at them and sees someone behind them and calls those rumours as fabricated intentionally by one individual.