ChaySam Divorce: Nag Worried About ChayThe much talked about ChaySam divorce saga has come to a rather serene end. Both Samantha and Naga Chaitanya have moved on with their lives.

But it wasn’t always a smooth ride for the families of the ex couple. Or at least that is what Nagarjuna’s latest comments imply.

“I am very proud of how calm Chaitanya remained through it all. He was not provoked into uttering a single word. Like any father, I was very worried about him. But he was more worried about me than I was about him. He would ask me, ‘You okay, Dad?’ and I’d be like, errr, ‘Isn’t that what I should be asking you?” Nagarjuna said in his interaction with a media portal.

As it appears, Nagarjuna was worried about Chay when the divorce saga became a hot topic all over. But Chaitanya showed impeccable composure while dealing with whole development and Nag is eventually happy with how things panned out for his son.