Chay’s Dialogue Targeted at His Ex-wife?Naga Chaitanya is busy doing multiple projects in his career. One of them is ‘Thank You‘ which has been directed by Vikram Kumar who gave the Akkineni family a memorable film Manam.

The makers revealed the teaser yesterday and Chay was showcased as this arrogant person who always thinks about himself. Keeping the teaser aside, there is a dialogue in the promo which goes “Life Lo Compromise Ayyede Ledu. Yenno Vadulukoni Ikkadaaka Vacahyanu”.

Ever since Chay-Sam’s divorce happened, both sides’ fans never lose an opportunity to bully others on social media. Now it’s Chay fans’ turn as they are doing silly analysis of the dialogue and say that Chay is indirectly talking about his ex-wife Samantha.

Some hardcore Chay fans are openly talking about this aspect on social as to how this dialogue is a tight slap to Samantha as they feel she left Chay in a deep mess. This proves again that fans don’t look for logics.