Samantha Akkineni -Dog-No1 HusbandSamantha Akkineni is the kind of human being who likes to speak her mind and adds a bit of sense of humor to the way she sees the things. Just like that. This is her latest picture on her social media profile.

Naga Chaitanya’s fans have started blasting Samantha for posting this pic wondering if that’s what she thinks about her husband putting the ‘No 1 Husband’ tag around the neck of her she calls Bugaboo.

Chay’s fans have taken offense for the pic she shared on social media. They think that she must respect her husband and are wondering if she holds such low opinion on makes. They are demanding respect for males. Well, all that doesn’t matter between the pretty couple.

Keeping aside the emotions of the fans, one must remember that Sam and Chay is a happy couple and there is no issue between them. They seem to be a cute couple who know their priorities giving proper space to each other to grow professionally.