Charmy-Kaur-Drunk-&-Dance-Going-ViralThere’s a lot written and gossiped about director Puri Jagannadh and Charmy Kaur in the recent past, especially, when their names surfaced in the list of the people interrogated in the drugs case. However, rumors died down, eventually. Here is a new video going viral on the internet.

Charmy Kaur was seen drunk and dancing with a liquor bottle in one hand and glasses in the other. Can you guess the person whom she has been dancing with? The whereabouts of this video source are unknown but it definitely has got material that would interest the gossip-lovers.

Coming to the recent release ‘Mehbooba‘, speaking at the Thank You Meet, Puri Jagannath mentioned the reviews that pointed towards missing Puri mark action. He also remarked that the same reviewers would say that Puri is getting repetitive when he makes films with his mark action. But, Puri has tried something different but missed it big time by dropping the tempo towards the pre-climax and the climax.