Charmi slap teenagerCharmee once said on a talk show that she always aspires to be the show stealer of any party or event she attends and she wouldn’t be happy being sidelined. Of course, Charmee really manages to be as eye candy as possible with her sense of style and appearances and not to forget her natural flowing long hair which adds to her looks.

On the event of Charity Dinner held in Hyderabad for helping heart surgeries of 100 children, Charmee was seen in a pink saree, teamed up with contrast black blouse. When she entered the venue, one of the guests (a teenager) requested for a photograph and not sensing any misbehaviour in the classy venue, she obliged.

The teenager touched her lower back in an appropriate way while getting photographed and immediately Charmee screamed on the guy pushing him away. But the boy isn’t spared and got slapped by another guy present there. The actress was literally shocked at the misbehaviour of the teenager and also when she found the guy laughing after getting slapped. Well, film actresses do encounter such guys occasionally and they need to be more careful.