charmee jyothi lakshmi movie Puri Jagannadh and Bangkok connection always has been in discussion and it is almost like a second home for Puri. Whenever Puri’s conceives his next project, by default Bangkok comes into discussion. There are many instances which speak on Bangkok being Puri’s abode for story discussions and music of his films.

But for NTR’s ‘Temper’, Puri missed going to his favourite place Bangkok. Even media who always connect Puri with Bangkok almost forgot about it because of the hype on ‘Temper’ and NTR’s look which didn’t allow to concentrate on any other routine issue which would have easily come into discussions.

Now Puri has begun his next movie ‘Jyothi Lakshmi’ with Charmee playing the lead role, once again Bangkok came into discussion. The latest it is learnt that lyricist Bhaskara Bhatla music director Sunil Kashyap is joined by Puri in Bangkok to come up with spicy tunes for the movie. So Charmee’s movie is going to fulfill what NTR made to miss.