There is a false notion among common people that fans are good for nothing people who waste their time fighting for false prestige and egos.And now let see the other side of fan group who are involving in several charities.
Let me cite two examples for this. There is one discussion board for Nandamuri fans which was established some seven years ago. The DB boasts of having healthy discussions among more than 20000 registered members. The members of DB are said to be very much in to charity since then. The members had recently donated some 700 dollar to a co member Srinivas who is battling a rare disease.
And other instance is by Mega fans. Fans of mega family are always known to do several charity like blood donations and eye donations through several charity organizations established by Chiranjeevi. And latest in the list, Pawan Kalyan fans on Orkut and Facebook had managed to donate a rare group blood to a needy person.
Lets wholeheartedly appreciate their services to society.