Charge-sheet-to-Be-Filed-on-Latha-Rajinikanth!It is just a week ago that the Supreme court warned the wife of Superstar, Latha Rajinikanth, that she would have to face trials for not paying the dues to the ad agency that they have taken about 10 crores loan from. Today the court ordered for probing Latha Rajinikanth and then after the investigation, a charge sheet will be filed against her.

She will be put on trial after the charge sheet has been filed as directed by the court. The court first addressed the case as the breach of the agreement but now they moved to be considered as a fraud case for there was no proper response from Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd of Latha Rajinikanth who kept the dues of 6.2 crores to the advertising firm Ad Bureau.

The case is in the court since 2014 and the jury is eager to put an end to the dispute. While Rajini himself is stuck in a defamation case filed by Mr. Bothra in the court, his wife too came into the same boat. However, things were positive in Rajini’s case but are only becoming worse in Latha Rajinikanth’s case. Let us see if Rajini lets his wife face the trials or helps her come out of it.