Ram Charan Gangnam Style Dance

Ram Charan disappointed a large number of his fans when the news came around that he was not going to be seen dancing the ‘Gangnam Style’ any time soon and certainly not in his forthcoming film ‘Nayak’. The Korean Popstar Psy’s Gangnam style dance which received International craze through Youtube spurred the speculation that actors like Salman Khan and either Ram Charan or Allu Arjun will be seen trying the same dances in their upcoming films. But to the disappointment of Charan’s fans, this is not going to happen.

A source from the production said that “Charan is not doing any Gangnam Style number in ‘Nayak.’ Charan is passionate about dance and loves to watch various forms of dance styles”. He further added, “He keeps abreast of all dancing styles and moves and could try this Korean style in his upcoming movies.”