Perhaps Zanjeer is the first film for Ram Charan to get apprehensive about release issues. Initially it was the original writers Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar who complained about the remake rights. When it was resolved movie shoot was delayed due to Ram Charan got injured in Naayak shoot. Next it was Sonu Sood who severly injured during CCL match and put him out of the action for few weeks and finally he was replaced by Srihari. Now it’s Prakash Mehra’s sons turn to pick up the fight after they filed the petition high court barred the movie trailers. Latest is Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to be in prison for 5 five years.

After all the above incidents Ram Charan looking for some help from divine sources. He advised Zanjeer director Apoorva Lakhia to perform a pooja right before they kick off promotional activities. This pooja will be held in Mumbai or Hyderabad. Priyanka Chopra will also attend this pooja along with Ram Charan and other cast and crew of Zanjeer.