Zanjeer Bash

With the shooting for Zanzeer remake ongoing in Hyderabad, the schedule for the film crew and cast is very hectic. But in between takes and lunch and other routines, leading lady Priyanka Chopra made some time to have a candid chat about her movies, music, family and things close to her heart.

Talking about Zanzeer, Priyanka said that, “when I was approached for Zanjeer, I didn’t have any pre-conceived notions about it. I loved the story, and thought it would be really interesting to give a different perspective to Mala’s character that was played by Jaya ma’am in the original. Plus, the prospect of making a bilingual is exciting. The film is also being shot in Telugu and I’m working with Charan who is a big star here.”

Enjoying her stay in Hyderabad as well as the delicacies available, Priyanka has been “savouring great food from Ram Charan’s house. Upasna (Kamineni) has been extremely kind and sends us whatever we want. Plus, we’ve been ordering food from all popular restaurants in the city.”