On the auspiscious day of Ganesh Chaturthi when lakhs of devotees from all over India are thronging for darshan in the Kanipakam Temple, the lapses in the security of the temple once again surfaced in open leaving the devotees aghast. Actor Charan Raj (famous for his vilainous roles) visited Kanipakam on Vinayaka Chavithi and went for Darshan. Though he was seen wearing saffron robes befitting a devotee, he was spotted carrying a revolver alongwith him.

The actor carried the weapon all through the devotees line and to even darshan of the Lord. The weapon was conspicuously visible tied to his belt line securely, not much hidden. This reveals how tight is the security in one of the most famous temples and on a day when the rush of devotees is going to hit maximum. Whatever might be the reason, it is evident that the Temple’s authorities give special preference to the celebrities causing much concern and anxiety for the common devotees. Why this negligence? He later apologized the public and temple security. He also thanked TV9 for getting him free publicity.