Ram Charan Dance

The latest trend of Tollywood seems to be sons of successful actors dancing to the tune of their father’s hits. With the fans of the industry loyal to its successful actor, this is one formula that is likey to never go wrong. Examples include Ram Charan’s upcoming film Nayak, where Chiranjeevi’s evergreen song Subhalekha Rasukunna from Kondaveeti Donga is expected to once again tug at the heartstrings of its audience.

In this context, director and producer Chandra Siddharth says, “While old songs are been remixed in Tollywood for a while now, the latest fad of star sons dancing to their dad’s songs is definitely a new one. I would say it is an added advantage for a movie. These songs can be compared to sequels. After the success of the original songs, filmmakers want to cash in on its popularity, give old melodies a twist and present them again to the young audiences.”