Married few weeks ago, the young couple Ram Charan and Upasana are still making news among filmy circles. Charan had cut short their honeymoon plans and had allotted the dates to his ongoing projects. An obedient Upasana had obliged to his commitments and respected his profession. She is seen travelling with him to his outdoor schedules and is looking after his wellbeing. She recently visited Kolkata where Charan Vinayak movie is going on. Coming from a non- filmy background, Upasana is yet to get accustomed to media glare. She is drifting away from the presence of media personnel.

And Charan is no less in showering love on her. 20 July was the birthday of Upasana. And Ram Charan had reportedly presented her with one of the finest gifts – a rare miniature breed horse. He had to import it from Ireland with the help of his sailor friend. He had planned it 5 months in advance to make it happen. Ram Charan has also requested his mother to use the lawn in the backyard to construct an air-conditioned stall for the pony. This rare miniature breed horse can grow up to 31 inches and has a life span of around 15 years.

Sweet couple they are! Aren’t they?