Are Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu going to lock horns again? If the way things are planned, go according to plan then that is what we are going to see pretty soon. News from Charan’s Govindudu Andari Vadele set is that the teaser of the film which was postponed in the last minute a week back will now be showcased on evening of August 7th. So where does Mahesh Babu fit into this? Well, we all know that the second teaser of the stars film would be released exactly at midnight on the star’s birthday which means on night of August 8.

As one see these two teasers will be released back to back and will once again put both these stars in direct competition with one another. The box office revelry between these two stars has been going on for some time now what with the actor’s clashing with each other on two occasions prior to this. This is of course literally a tease as the real showdown is slated to happen for Dushera when both the films will be arriving in a week’s gap. The thing to observe this time though is that it is Ram Charan who is coming with risky venture unlike the last two occasions where Mahesh Babu was coming with non massy movies. Can he hold onto competition this time as well?