Bandla ganesh gav audio launch speech

It was like festival celebration. The audio launch event of the much awaited movie of the year ‘Govindudu Andarivaadele’ was a little bit of the routine with surprise speeches. The main attraction of the event was undoubtedly the speech of producer Bandla Ganesh. He was hilarious at times, sentimental and emotional throughout. Shared his experiences on how attached he is to the mega family.

Especially when he talked about Charan, his statement, “Character ante carrot kaadu, market lo dorakadaaniki…blood lo undaali. Adi konidela vaari blood lo full ga undi.” These lines translate as …”Character is not carrot to be available in market. It comes by heridity (blood), which is abundant in Konidela blood’. Ofcourse, his compliments thrilled mega fans to the core. Apart from his sentimental lines, the slang and diction he used, carved out hilarious atmosphere.

Ganesh further praised Charan for treating his film as his own production, shared how Charan waited to do movie with him for eight months without doing any other film. Added to this, he reminisced his bond with Chiranjeevi and especially Pawan Kalyan. When the topic of Pawan Kalyan seeped into his speech, what one saw was not a big producer but a die-hard fan who treats his star hero as a demi-god. Ganesh’s speech was indeed a mix of comedy, sentiment, emotion and little filmy even.