pawan kalyan chandrababu naiduAndhra Pradesh government had decided to back step on the bauxite mining in Uttarandhra and even cancelled the G.O. issued in that aspect. The government had taken this decision in the wake of stern opposition from the locals and tribal people living in the area. But now there is a section of people who project this as a victory of Janasena President, Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan raised this issue with Chandrababu in his last meeting and this G.O. cancellation happened after that aiding the that argument. Keeping aside the credits, Pawan Kalyan seem to be playing an interesting game. He is cleverly working for his films and earning money. But at the same time with interference on crucial issues, he is giving a feeling to the people he is not detached from politics.

Already he got the credit of dissuading the state government from the land acquisition in the capital villages. Naidu seem to playing in to hands of Pawan Kalyan knowingly or unknowingly. These little victories will help Pawan Kalyan later in 2019 elections if he decided to go alone. Going alone is definitely a possibility as there is saying two swords can not be contained in one sheath.

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