Chandra Babu’s office looks like a dust bin!

It is almost three weeks after Chandra Babu Naidu swore in as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The 8th floor of the L block in the Secretariat should serve as his office. However the above is the picture of the L block lying in shambles even today. The block which was previously the panchayat raj department in the united state is yet to be renovated.

The roads and buildings (R&B) department was supposed to prepare for the CM’s office but the department is yet to be divided and so they did not start the work as they did not know who would be allotted to Telangana and who to AP. Chandra Babu is currently using camp office at the Lakeview Guest house as his office, it is not clear if he is going to continue there or will be using L block. Officials say if Chandra Babu wants to use L block, it will take at least one month to be renovated.

Below is the picture of 8th floor in the L Block of the AP Secretariat which is supposed to be the office of AP CM is yet to be renovated and still in a big mess.


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