Pawan Kalyan Chandra Babu friend ship

Critics of Chandra Babu always allege that the leader will always use people to his benefit and dumps them when he is out of their need. However Chandra Babu proved them all wrong last night. Firstly, it is clear from the cabinet composition that loyalty to the party is the foremost criteria. Chinna Rajappa who was made the Deputy CM is with Telugu Desam party all his life. Other Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishna Murthy is also one of the senior most leaders in the party.

Yanamala, Devineni Uma, Paritala Sunita, Kinjarapu Acchennaidu (Brother of Late Yerrannaidu), BojjalaGopala Krishna Reddy, Narayana have become ministers only for their staunch loyalty to the party at the time of crisis. Except for Ghanta, no other leaders who recently joined TDP are given a chance.

And the other way when Chandra Babu proved his critics wrong is with his treatment to Pawan Kalyan. He received him personally and gave him an affectionate hug. He even talked in length about how Pawan Kalyan helped to keep corrupt politicians at bay with out expecting any thing and even not opting to contest elections despite floating a party.