Chandra Babu plans 25 districts

Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the Chief Minister designate of Andhra Pradesh had already started on the work for the new state even before taking the oath. The visionary leader is exploring all possible ways to develop the new state. It is said that Naidu is considering to split the existing 13 districts of Seemandhra into 25, making each Lok Sabha segment a separate district.

Chandra Babu is of the opinion that having more districts will help the decentralization of power and there by effective governance. However this proposal will also have its own share of issues as setting up of new districts in Seemandhra would involve more expenditure especially when the state is already facing revenue deficit post-bifurcation. It is also said that BJP, alliance partner of TDP is also of the same view as Naidu but will vie the consequences before deciding.