chandrababu jagan pic

Many analysts and TDP workers till date believe that Chandra Babu has given lot of freedom for the opposition during his last tenure and it resulted in a disaster in the 2004 elections. Later Chandra Babu had to confine 10 years in opposition. But now Chandra Babu is in power and looks like he has learned from his past mistakes. Chandra Babu is keen on reducing opposition to nothing as soon as he is in power. Days after the election, two YSR Congress MPs met Chandra Babu and one of them actually joined TDP and on Saturday, 8 Congress MLCs joined Telugu Desam Party. This kind of ‘Akarsha’ politics are new for Chandra Babu but TDP workers are loving it.

On the other side, Chandra Babu has constituted a Group of Ministers (GoM) to look into the “illegal decisions” taken by the previous Congress governments. This means, all the land allocations to SEZs and companies and water allocations to cement factories as well as mining leases. This will mean more trouble to former Chief Ministers and particularly current Leader of Opposition,YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is already facing a CBI probe into his alleged disproportionate assets. We will have to see if Jagan withstands this all round attack!