Hrithik in auto real time

First it was ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ which went viral all around the globe and we saw the celebrities crazily taking up this challenge and when the risk factor of the challenge surfaced, it slowly died down. Then it was our own Telugu woman Vijaya Lakshmi’s ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’ to donate a bucket of rice to the poor. This challenged was encouraged by Tollywood star director Rajamouli and made it very popular.

Next star anchor Jhansi also tried something very interesting like ‘Bucket Nimajjanam Challenge’ during the Ganesh Chaturti celebrations appealing to people to immerse their small Ganesh idols in a bucket of water instead of waiting to dump into bigger water bodies. Then after came eco friendly ‘My Tree Challenge’ from Malayalam Superstar Mammooty to plant a sapling and nominate others to take up the challenge.

Vijaya Lakshmi’s ‘Rice Bucket’, Jhansi’s ‘Bucket Nimajjanam’ and Mammooty’s ‘My tree Challenge’ turned out to be very sensible thoughts to evoke a sense of awareness among many commoners. Recently Bollywood Greek God Hrithik Roshan got into an auto when his expensive car failed him. But the auto driver didn’t recognise him. Amazed, he posted the photo on internet and even threw a challenge to some Bollywood celebrities to take up the challenge of travelling in an auto riskshaw. Have to wait and see how far this craze catches up.