Like multi-starrers, bilinguals have become the craze of the day. Most of the big heroes want to extend their market and hence feel that doing bilinguals are nice option and the safest bets. Though some of our Telugu movies are getting dubbed into other languages, our heroes doing a bilingual is very rare. Actors like Allu Arjun have a good market in Mollywood and hence many of his films get dubbed into Malayalam.

Recently Tamil actor Surya decided to do a bilingual movie with ‘Manam’ director Vikram Kumar. Next to follow seems to be Naga Chaitanya. According to the latest reports, Nag expressed his desire to spead his wings to Tamil and thus increase his market and he is discussing the same with his directors. He literally wants to do a bilingual and henceforth waiting for a subject suitable which would cater to the tastes of both Telugu and Tamil audiences. But nothing is confirmed yet and as of now, this is just a revelation of what he is thinking about his future projects.