Naga Chaitanya is getting ready with a new release Oka Laila Kosam which would be hitting the screens sometime in September. The film comes in the combination of Gunde Jari Gallanthayyinde director Vijay Kumar Konda which has rised expectations on the film. To maintain that expectations and then hype it further the actor is going to follow the Manam way is what we hear.

The movie will have no audio function just like Manam and the music would be available in markets from Independence Day itself. However there will some other promotional activities planned around the music giving it wide visibility. Similarly some unique contests and online promotions will be done specifically aimed at the movies target audience. Innovativeness is the buzz word for movie promotions and the makers are looking at creating a similar anticipation that they created for Manam. One has to wait and see if this strategy yeilds the same result as Manam or not though.