Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday met with TRS MPs to take their views on according special powers to the Governor on the common capital. After the meeting, TRS MPs have announced that their meeting was successful and Rajnath Singh assured them status quo on the issue. However Reports emerging from Delhi have a different version to say. They say that Rajnath took a midway approach in dealing with TRS MPs.

He clarified that Center is not at all interested in interfering in the state affairs or curtailing the rights of the people elected government. But at the same time he clarified that it is the responsibility of his government to execute the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act which was passed by the Parliament. The schedule 8 of AP Reorganization act gives special powers to Governor to protect law and order of the common capital including posting and transfer of even SHO-level police officers.

Telangana Government had strictly registered its protest over the Center’s attempts. But constitutional experts say the state government has very few options other than accepting it. Few experts say the government can not even approach the courts over this issue since the constitution does not have the term ‘common capital’. Going to courts will mean the the legal sanctity of the entire act may be questioned.