Film industry is filled with problems at every stage of movie making that requires a strong heart to survive. Take the case of new director Raj Kiran who has now been admitted in hospital due to heart attack. It happened due to the extreme tension the director suffered on the account of multiple censor issues and postponements.

Rajkiran is the director of keenly followed film Geethanjali, the horror comedy that has been extensively promoted by Kona Venkat. Even with people like Kona Venkat who have years of experience behind him, if this is the situation the director has put him in, imagine the kind of pressures a nobody would be undergoing. Geethanjali was slated to release on August 8, an official confirmation is awaited though to know if this latest situation will have any effect on it. Comedian Srinivas Reddy debuts as hero with this film which has Anjali playing the title role.